Clinical Psychology for Adults, Couples, and Teens

As a therapist, I will help provide counsel and guidance to you by using the science and methods of psychology. My therapeutic orientation is called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. My style of psychotherapy is interactive and direct. I do give suggestions, recommendations, and homework, if necessary. Clients who actively participate in their therapy between sessions tend to get better faster.

What I like most about Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is that its treatment approaches are known to work, and are fast acting. CBT focuses on the here-and-now. It is practical and goal-directed. “Cognitive” refers to meanings or beliefs. How we look at the world and our beliefs direct our behavior and feelings.

While I see myself as having a wide range of experience in the field of psychology, I do have several areas of further knowledge including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Couples and Marital Counseling
  • Family Therapy
  • The Enneagram
  • Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)
  • Depression
  • Anxiety Conditions
  • Grief
  • Drug and Alcohol Treatment
  • Work or Academic Difficulties
  • Attitude or Behavioral Difficulties

At the end of the day, my ultimate goal is to train my clients to be their own therapist.

Give a man a fish, he eats for a day, teach a man to fish, he eats for life.”